A European seal of excellence

We can proudly affirm that we reached an important result which could be defined as a true seal of excellence. A few days ago, we have been told that we have been awarded a SME Instrument Phase I grant. Information published by the European Commission itself make us particularly pleased for this result. Competition for this kind of grant is pretty harsh and the success rate for the Phase I is only 8%. The SME Instrument is a financing programme of the European Commission, part of “Horizon 2020”, exclusively dedicated to small and medium European enterprises, in particular to innovative ones. After 4 years of its start , the SME Instrument generated 1,6 euros of private investments per euro invested by the European Commission. In addition, the incentive that this financing instrument represents goes even further: the European Commission estimates that by January 2022 each euro invested will correspond to 4,8 euros of private investments.

Our Chairman Alberto Del Rio stated: “because of the strategic importance of this program and the strong competition that it creates among companies involved, we have to be truly proud for this result, which is a clear seal of excellence for KerLine and a demonstration that commitment, dedication and excellent research are elements that, combined together, make the difference in the long run to reach great success. I am grateful to the whole team, our partners and our advisors as well as all the people that believed in KerLine and I am sure that important recognitions will be further achieved in the next future.”

The presented project concerns the use of Kerline’s product Fullker® for the medical treatment of dermal wounds (such as burns or bedsores) to support the dermal reconstruction.  KerLine owns a patented method to manufacture nano-fibrous membranes for biomedical applications thanks to the combination of innovative techniques and its branded biomaterial Fullker®. Del Rio underlined: “our technology offers an extraordinary technological and productive advantage because it makes possible to realize safer, price-competitive and effective medical treatments”. The medical treatments foreseen by KerLine dressings offer: full cover of the damaged tissues; a protection against the infections and the dehydration and the controlled release of bioactive or pharmaceutical ingredients (e.g., antioxidant,  antiinflammatory or antimicrobial agents) on the wounds and on the surrounding tissues.

Del Rio concluded: “KerLine aims to become a leader in the market of the natural biomaterials for biomedical treatments thanks to the the natural and multifunctional properties of Fullker®. This important success is the confirmation that we are heading to the right direction.”